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Multi-Family and Strata Roofing

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Happy residents. Better communities.

Complete strata roofing solutions

Managing strata roofing can be tough. There are countless voices at the table, each with their own interests and concerns, plus added pressure to make every dollar count.

At Adanac, we know that – it’s why we take the time to listen to your community’s stakeholders and create a detailed plan that works for everyone’s needs and budget.

The end product is beautiful, warranty-backed roofing that’s built to withstand the west coast’s wildest weather. So when the windstorms roll in, or the snow starts piling up, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

“27,500 bundles of product installed without a single problem? Phenomenal.”

With 25 factories serving 96 countries, IKO is one of the world’s largest asphalt shingle manufacturers. They trusted us with one of their largest-ever North American strata installations — and were blown away by the quality of the installation.

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You name it, we make it happen

Your one-stop-shop for strata roofing services


Building a brand new strata complex? Adanac seamlessly integrates into your development plans.


Get complete strata roofing replacement, from removal and disposal to installation and inspection.


Keep your roofs looking and performing like new with scheduled upkeep and care from Adanac’s crews.


Not sure if you need roofing service? Adanac’s inspectors can assess your roofs and tell you if you need to act.

Keep rainwater where it belongs

Strata gutter services


Let Adanac expertly replace your old gutters with a modern seamless gutter system that’s built for stratas.


Equip your buildings with low-maintenance leaf guard protection systems and forget about clogs or flooding.

Unique solutions for your unique community

How does Adanac handle strata roofing differently?

At Adanac, we don’t treat your strata’s roofing like it’s “just” a big residential roofing project.

Every detail accounted for

Strata roofing has a bigger scope and longer timeframe, and that means planning how to manage every last detail – things like noise, material disposal, and roadway congestion – so that residents in your community can enjoy high-quality roofing with low levels of disruption.

Certified expertise behind every installer

You wouldn’t allow just anyone to work on your roofing – and neither would we. Your roofing will perform the way it should because our technicians don’t install it “the way we’ve always done it” – they install it by the book, precisely the way the manufacturer intended.

Warranties that protect your investment

Want to be free from worries about your strata’s roofing? Then you want to work with a Certainteed Diamond-select ShingleMaster Contractor like Adanac.

Why? because it lets us provide your strata with Certainteed’s industry-leading 5-Star SureStart™ PLUS Extended Warranty, which includes:

  • 10-year workmanship coverage
  • 30-year non-prorated, full coverage for materials, tear-off, disposal and flashing
on all strata re-roofing projects
Maple Hills

Address: 8590 Sunrise Drive Chilliwack, B.C.
Year: 2023
Project: Shingle to Shingle

Cypress Ridge

Address: 11860 River Road Surrey, B.C.
Year: 2023
Project: Shingle to Shingle & gutters

Jackman Manor

Address: 27477 28 Avenue Langley, B.C.
Year: 2023
Project: Shingle to Shingle

Creekside Estates

Address: 8568 209 Street Langley, B.C.
Year: 2023
Project: Shingle to shingle

Plumtree Lane

Address: 15439 100 Ave Surrey, B.C.
Year: 2022
Project: Shingle to shingle


Address: 18181 68th Avenue Surrey, B.C.
Year: 2022
Project: Shingle to shingle & gutters


Address: 15425 Rosemary Heights Cresent Surrey, B.C.
Year: 2022
Project: Tile conversion

Terrace Park LMS 1912

Address: 20875 88th Avenue Langley , B.C.
Year: 2021
Project: Shingle to shingle & gutters.

Redwoods corner LMS 4226

Address: 8814 216th Street Langley, B.C.
Year: 2020
Project: Shingle to shingle & gutters

Country View Estates LMS 1475

Address: 3902 Latimer Street Abbotsford, B.C.
Year: 2020
Project: Shingle to Shingle

The Carrington

Address: 15500 Rosemary Heights Crescent, Surrey B.C.
Year: 2020
Project: Cedar conversion


Address: 5298 Oakmount Crescent Burnaby
Year: 2018
Project: Cedar conversion and gutters

Derby Mews LMS 1138

Address: 9561 207th Streeet Langley, B.C.
Year: 2019
Project: Shingle to Shingle

River Rock LMS 2746

Address: 1506 River Rock
Year: 2017
Project: Cedar conversion

Garden Grove NW 603

Address: 4102-4396 Garden Grove Drive, Burnaby
Year: 2015
Project: Shingle to Shingle

Hartford Woods LMS 1461

Address: 9688 148th Street Surrey, BC
Year: 2014
Project: Shingle to Shingle

Bramley Hedge LMS 1343

Address: 1881 144th Street Surrey, BC
Year: 2013
Project: Cedar conversion

Oceanwood LMS2407

Address: 1711 140th Street Surrey, BC
Year: 2013
Project: Cedar Conversion

Rae Court LMS109

Address: 3668 & 3680 Rae Avenue, Vancouver
Year: 2012
Project: Shingle to Shingle

Sierra Ridge Condominiums LMS3321

Address: 7488 Mulberry Place Burnaby, BC
Year: 2011
Project: Shingle to Shingle

Empress Court Condominiums NWS2065

Address: 8631 No.3 Road, Richmond
Year: 2011
Project: Cedar Conversion

Green Tree Village Condominiums

Address: All individual address
Year: 2011
Project: Cedar Conversion

Queen Anne Green Condominiums LMS342

Address: 9012 Walnut Grove Drive, Langley
Year: 2010
Project: Shingle to Shingle

Eaglecrest Condominiums LMS204

Address: 3293 Firhill Drive, Abbotsford, BC
Year: 2010
Project: Cedar Conversion

Mayberry Condominiums LMS2706

Address: 8844 208th Street Langley, BC
Year: 2009
Project: Shingle to Shingle

Willow Arbor Condominiums LMS192

Address: 8716 Walnut Grove Drive, Langley, BC
Year: 2009
Project: Cedar Conversion

Creekside Villa Condominiums LMS361

Address: 27435 29A Avenue, Langley, BC
Year: 2009
Project: Cedar Conversion

What our clients say about us

Service designed for stratas

Concised, detailed estimates

Know precisely where your budget is going with transparent, itemized project estimates.

Unmatched care and attention

Every little thing matters, from top-notch fit and finish to spotless worksite cleanup.

Decades-long reliability

Talk is cheap. Adanac stands by its work with long-lasting, comprehensive warranties.

Get peace of mind. Contact Adanac for strata roofing service that you can count on today, tomorrow, and for decades to come.

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