Strata Roofing

Need a cost-effective, reliable solution? Whether your strata complex has flat or steep-slope roofing, Adanac is your best choice for repair, maintenance, and replacement services.

We provide scheduled maintenance programs to maximize the life of your existing roofing. What does that mean for you? You won’t have to worry about your roofing – Adanac will be there for you, every step of the way. Should your roofing need replacement, contact us for a no-charge budget estimate or firm project quote.

With every strata roofing project we undertake, we pledge to be on time and stay within your budget.


Our services include:

  • Re-roofing Specialist
  • Strata Roof Inspections
  • Strata Roof Repairs and Replacement
  • Roof Maintenance
  • Concise, Detailed Estimates
  • Written Workmanship Warranties

Adanac Cares About Your Strata Roofing Problems

Adanac is factory authorized by leading roofing manufacturers to provide their longest material and workmanship warranties. Proper strata roofing is a specialty of ours and we only back it with the best warranties for you.

One of our distinct areas of experience and expertise is that of converting strata roofs from cedar shake to more cost effective and longer lasting fiberglass laminate asphalt shingles. Strata roofing CAN last you longer and we’ll deliver the right strata roofing solution for you – no matter what the procedure.

“You took extraordinary measures to ensure that our property received first class treatment. We were impressed with the quality of the materials and the quality of the workmanship on our roofs, chimneys and gutters.”


-Dr. Chris Mann, Kenwood Strata President

Strata Roofing Maintenance

Many stratas ignore the condition of their roofing and gutter systems until problems present themselves. This is equivalent to ignoring regular vehicle maintenance until one finds themselves stranded at roadside facing costly repairs. Ultimately a poorly maintained vehicle will provide a short service life that is more expensive and more troublesome.

These same principles apply to a strata’s roof and gutter systems. For example, a buildup of moss, algae and debris will greatly shorten a roof’s life. Before leaks become evident, they may have caused expensive to repair roof deck, soffit and structural damages, and potentially have led to black mold growth within attics, ceilings and walls. With that said, strata roofing maintenance is extremely important. It can cost you dearly in the long-term and no strata manager or council wants to have to deal with that.

Let Adanac do the dirty work and solve your strata roofing and gutter problems. Contact us to have the condition of your complex’s roof and gutter systems professionally inspected.

Strata Gutter Systems

Adanac provides stratas with a complete range of gutter installation, repair and cleaning services – that are well suited for strata complexes.

We custom install a choice of several seamless aluminum gutter styles and leaf guard protection systems. We also supply and install specialty zinc, copper and galvanized steel gutter systems.

Regular maintenance of a strata complex’s gutters systems is important – it’s important to us for your gutters to be maintained so that you won’t have to worry about them. It’s important for you because you want your gutter systems to be well maintained every time. Leaf blockages can backup water into soffits and walls. Caulking used to seal corners eventually dries to allow leaks to occur. Due to poor original installation or building settling, many stratas have gutters that simply don’t drain properly to their downspouts. To us, that’s unacceptable.

If your strata be in need of competitively priced gutter cleaning, repair or replacement services, you deserve better – and we at Adanac have the right solution for you. Contact us now!