Commercial Roofing

For decades, Adanac has specialized in commercial roofing in Langley. It’s part of what we live and breath, every single day. Our business was built on the satisfaction of businesses across the Lower Mainland. Business owners feel that their expectations were met and exceeded by our staff – we hear about it all the time.

We only use the best roofing systems to give your business a roof you can rely on. Go with Adanac’s and you won’t have to worry about problems or issues – the piece of mind is why our customers trust us.

That’s why we’ve been voted best of Homestars 6 years in a row!

Don’t Trust A General Contractor to do Your Commercial Roofing

If you have not had a roofing inspection at your building in over a year, we highly recommend that you schedule one as soon as possible. Inclement weather in the Lower Mainland area can cause major damage to your roof and even greater damage to the interior of the building if it is left untreated. No matter what measures you take, eventually all roofs will fail because there is no perfect or indestructible roof. However, you can extend your roofs life with proper maintenance.

You will not find a company that is more dependable or better equipped to handle your commercial roofing than Adanac Roofing.

More Experience With Commercial Roofing in Lower Mainland Than the Competition

Adanac Roofing has over 30 years experience roofing in the Lower Mainland. Our company offers all of our customers multiple options for their roof repairs. After we do a full inspection of your building our team will let you know your options. We can do roof patches to stop small leaks or a full roof replacement if you are in need.

EPDM Commercial Roofing Systems

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is an extremely durable roofing membrane. For over 40 years, EPDM has been tested – and has passed every test for durability and average service life. Furthermore, due to its ease of installation and versatility, EPDM is the one of the most widely used products for commercial roofing systems.

EPDM manufacturers offer “system” warranties covering

both materials and labour on a 100%, non-prorated basis for periods of up 30 years

. Unlike torch-on roofing, both EPDM and TPO systems do not require a roof to have a minimum 1% slope for manufacturer warranty coverage to be valid.

Contact us for more details as to why an EPDM system could be the best solution for your low-slope new construction or re-roof project.

TPO Commercial Roofing Systems

TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin), first introduced in the early 1990s as a roofing membrane is one of the fastest growing commercial roofing products on the market today. Acceptance of TPO has grown to the point where nearly a billion sq. ft. is being installed annually in North America alone.

At Adanac, we use TPO single-ply roofing membranes and aren’t afraid to shout out about its advantages. They provide incredible resistance to chemical and ultraviolet exposure as well as other benefits. Contact us for a FREE estimate and we’ll show you how we can cost-effectively protect and maintain your roof for years to come.

Commercial Roofing Maintenance

To provide a long trouble free service life, roofing systems need to receive regular maintenance to remove accumulated debris, clear drains, inspect seams and flashing’s, replace old caulking and undertake repairs as required. The warranties provided by roofing manufacturers usually contain clauses permitting them to invalidate their warranties should a roof’s maintenance have been neglected to point of allowing materials to prematurely degrade or leaks develop.

Adanac provides its commercial and industrial customers with scheduled maintenance programs designed to keep their roof and gutter systems performing properly.

Contact us to have your roof and gutter systems professionally inspected and evaluated for a scheduled maintenance program.