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Alu-rex Gutters

Ultra Durable, Clog-Free Rain Gutters

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Clog-Free Gutters

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T-Rex® Continuous Hanger System

T-Rex system Gutter Installation & Maintenance

The best gutter system for your home is T-Rex Continuous Hanger System. For every homeowner, there is nothing more frustrating than the job of cleaning out the rain eavestrough. That’s why, Adanac Roofing is here to help you say goodbye to this dangerous and distressing job forever. Our professionals at Adanac Roofing will install the premium T-Rex system that will keep your eavestrogh clean and free flowing around the year.

Eavestrough are designer to collect the rainwater and redirect it to the downspout. This way, you protect your soffit, fascia and home foundation from water damage and expensive repairs. You spend a considerable amount of to make the outside of your home beautiful. Do you want to ruin this effect by installing gutters that will warp is a few months? In order to prevent such issues, T-Rex systems are designed to keep your gutters strong and help you maintain peace of mind.

The T-Rex system offers the best gutter installation method

  • The T-Rex extends the life of your gutter by making it stronger from end to end.
  • Supports up to 250 pounds per foot (373 kg per linear meter).
  • Best protection against damages and water infiltration.
  • Gutter remains empty for perfect drainage year-round.
  • Provides enough rigidity to withstand the impact of ice and snow coming off the roof.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty that covers continuous hanger manufacturing defects, obstructions, and durability.

What is a “Continuous Hanger”?

  1. Take a rain gutter with spaced hangers
  2. Add hundreds of hangers
  3. Get the same kind of strength with the T-Rex® continuous hanger

Frequently Asked Questions

Imagine placing hundreds of hangers side by side on an eavestrough/gutter. It would therefore be more sturdy and durable. The T-RexTM is as simple as that! It is a continuous hanger that leaves no weak spots.

Alu-PerfTM technology is composed of 489 holes every 19 in. (48 cm). Together, all those holes drain at the same rate as a 2 in. x 3 in. (5 cm x 7.5 cm) downspout. Imagine how well they work over an entire eavestrough/gutter!

Alu-Rex have the smallest holes on the market, debris will not get in. Alu-Rex also offers the best warranty on the market, 40-year no-clog warranty.

T-Rex TM is first and foremost an alternative fastening system to spaced hangers or spikes. 100% of canadian eavetroughs/gutters need to be protected against winter. In Canada, ice and snow put a lot of weight on eavestrough/gutter. More than that, ice falling

from the roof can hit the eavestrough/gutter and severely damage them.

Just as they may temporarily stick to the hood of your car, leaves and debris that land on the surface of Alu-Rex products dry quickly. And unlike the hood of your car, the surface beneath the wet leaves is perforated, so they dry faster! Independent tests have shown that even with 80% of holes blocked, the product still drains efficiently any rainstorm.

The accumulation of ice inside the eavestroughs/gutters can cause irreparable damage to your residence due to the expansion caused by the freeze/thaw cycle. With Alu-Rex products, any ice and snow that accumulates on top of the product will drain directly into the eavestrough when it melts or when it rains.

Learn more about Alu-rex

The creative concept developed to graphically identify Alu-Rex is based on two graphic elements: the perforated diamond that represents products manufactured by Alu-Rex and the blue colour that is reminiscent of divinity in all mythologies.

The “Alu” in Alu-Rex refers to aluminum, while “Rex” means king in Latin. The selected typeface is upright, simple, and bold. It calls to mind the solidity, strength, and robustness of Alu-Rex products. The grey colour symbolizes aluminum, the raw material the company uses to manufacture its products.

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