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Adanac Roofing & Gutters Is the Best, Safest Choice

When it comes time to choose a Lower Mainland roofing service, there are plenty of reasons to choose Adanac Roofing & Gutters. It starts with our 30+ years of roofing experience. You don't spend that much time on a rooftop without learning your way around! From there, consider the fact that Adanac Roofing & Gutters has been the highest ranked roofing company in the Lower Mainland for three years running. That says something about our customer service. Did we mention that as a manufacturer certified installer, we are able to offer max warranties on all the roofs we install? Up to 25 years on workmanship and 50 years on materials. Call us at 604-888-1616 to learn more about us!

If it involves a Lower Mainland roof, look to Adanac Roofing & Gutters!

At Adanac Roofing & Gutters, roof installation is only the beginning. We also install gutters and insulation—while providing professional cleaning and repair services as well.

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Adanac Roofing & Gutters understands that for businesses and families alike, times are tough. Few people can afford to throw money away—which is precisely why more people should be giving more attention to their gutters, roofs, and insulation. Even if there is no visible damage, energy inefficiencies could be costing you significant money every day—while more serious problems portend even more catastrophic and costly repairs. Left unchecked, leaky roofs and gutters will eventually wreak havoc on an entire structure. Don't let that happen. Call Adanac Roofing & Gutters at 604-888-1616 to schedule an inspection today. Our estimates are free, and our work is guaranteed!

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